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Why is an Eaves Marine Survey necessary?

Most buyers are not experienced enough, or mechanically inclined to a point where they can make an adequate evaluation on their own. Even those who are qualified benefit immensely from a second professional, unbiased and unemotional opinion.

  • To determine if the vessel is safe to use in conditions for which it was designed.

  • To determine the vessels condition and value.

  • To determine what maintenance, repairs and equipment should be included in the purchase price.

  • To determine what repairs and maintenance will be required after the purchase. At what cost?

  • To help determine the true cost of owning the vessel.

  • To help the client decide whether to go through with the purchase and at what price.

  • To help decide if the vessel fits your needs
  • Most vessels are subject to inherent structural, cosmetic and mechanical defects and flaws. I can determine the best repair procedures and reasonable cost for services.

  • Marine surveys are needed to appraise the vessel for insurance underwriting and for bank financing.

  • Marine Surveys are needed to document condition at time of purchase for insurance and financing.

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